Tuesday is list day: Top 5 worst bumper stickers


1. Baby on board: This, dear parent, is what it makes me think of (see above).
2. Visualize world peace: It's hard to see peace through the cloud of military-industrial complex sponsored petroleum smog your vehicle is spewing, but I'm sure it would be great.
3. Jesus fish and/or Darwin fish: I don't believe in either of you. Everyone knows we come from aliens.
4. My kid is on the honor roll: You just outed your kid as either a geek, Asian, or a student at yet another failing American school with low standards.
5. My other car is a broom: We get it. You're a witch. You wore all black in high school or junior college and you read 1/2 a book on Wicca. Congrats. Now, conjure yourself a real sense of humor.


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