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What does the MOIST button do?

Found at the parents' house: Lady Frog with lipstick

Eat or Fat?

Found at the parents' house: Dalmatian statue (very life-like)

Found at the parents' house: One frog and one mushroom

Wow! I'm in a JC Penney!

Found at the parents' house: Tires painted like Lifesavers

Found at the parents' house: Blair Witch Frog

Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

Found at the parents' house: Naked woman weighing herself

Up with bears

Found at the parents' house: Cookie Monster?

Cows do an economy good

Meatloaf: You know you want it

Thanksgiving, Todd, and Tea


Happy Thanks-carbing Day!

Thanksgiving weather report: Missouri edition

The real reason I flew to Missouri

Why can't sidewalks be like this?

About to board a flight to Denver

Holy Turkey Day, I'm flying to a Red State!

An exercise in awkwardness

Yes, it's still raining in SF

This is my religion

Rainy Friday night in SF

God hates figs?

San Francisco knows what's best for you

Zero Zero's Arancini

I use ham as an accessory

Drink up! 2006 Porter Creek Syrah

Red State challenges San Francisco's gastronomic status with new delicacy: Beards!

New streetwear trend in San Francisco: Homeless Chic

Sesame Street: Censored

I think I'm done with this week

Walden Pond

All art boils down to this: A naked and sleepy Painter of Light

Xmas Un-Want List: Spiderman Dolphin sweatshirt

The Wisdom of Morrissey

I need these shoes

My Xmas Un-Want List Begins: Providence Sweater Jacket

And a double Deuteronomy back at you!

Guest Post: Is President Obama Cock Blocking the Gays?

Ever had one of those "can't hit the right note" days?

Lou Seal: World Series Champion -- SF Giants

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants!