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Things to avoid at all cost today: Outside Lands

File Under "Shoot all graffiti 'artists'" -- Vandal Defiles Mr. Burbujas.

Todd: After the BBQ

Picnic + BBQ + Todd = fatter

Learn to shave your chest AND lose IQ points with this video

In fashion, you're either in or you're clucked: Project Runway, Ep. 2

Company Picnic!

Beer Pong at Chronicle Books


Disaster in the Castro! Chow has a fire in the kitchen

I'm so glam you don't even know how glam I am

Pour some sugar on me! Sugar crisis in America

I feel pretty: The controversy surrounding Caster Semenya's gender

Theodore Olson's Road to Championing Same-Sex Marriage

Human Rights Report On Murders Of Gays In Iraq

The secret lives of boy band members

Hit & Run Hula in the Castro

Hit and Run Hula at the Apple Store in SF

I wish our beaches were warmer

For the hardcore vodka lovers only

Yale Press Bans Images of Muhammad in New Book

The tale of the observant passerby

Game Night: Spectacles vs. the Horseshoes

Cognitive Dissonance -- Bookstore-style

GI Joe's Secret Stripper Past

Hitler Is Not Pleased: Betrayed by FriendFeed

Communication 101, Class of 2009

I want lavender citrus cookies--NOW!

Oprah steals from the GREATEST POET EVER!!

Michael Jackson is immortal

Things to say during sex: Diagram

It's the weekend!

No parole for Charles

Public urinal concept: Where design meets your bladder

For John Hughes (1950-2009)

When Ads Attack: Burger King

Passion: For Kim

Congrats Justice Sotomayor. Now, about that DOMA thing. . .

Hellooooo, Murse! Do you carry a man-bag?

This is what narcissism looks like

My latest fashion statement: The Plague Suit

A powerful email about Michael Jackson from Stevie Wonder

Jerks in Your Area? Mining Craigslist to make you laugh (and wince)

Please DON'T "xixi" no meu banho

Baby for sale on Craigslist? Blame Iced Tea and Sarcasm

Am I Twitter elite?

Darwin's Theory of Lovevolution, Or How to Ruin a Perfectly Good LoveFest in SF

It costs $221,000 to raise a baby!

SPAM subject of the week: A bigger rod will show you a shorter road to success.

TasteSpotting: Check out this delicious site

The little monster's machine of mayhem

Crash: My theory on MUNI, BART and the SF Municipal Transit Authority

Carte415 opens this week!

I want to do this to the kid who tossed water on me today

Miami Social - Ariel vs. Michael Video

Everybody purge now!

Tell Me Why: LGBT Attack in Israel

Eater SF says Starbucks in the Mission is pulling a "chameleon"

The Longest Way 1.0 : Amazing photo-journal video

As a result, I was late for my haircut

Tragic Giraffe: The blog you should be reading

NO H8 Campaign