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Halloween + Photo Booth = Fun

Halloween 2010

Inch worm

Stop anthropomorphizing my weiner

Halloween at Chronicle Books

Get this woman a longer stick!

Friday is about babies: Trash can baby or burrito?

It's Friday: Babies need vodka too

Some times it's not a dog eat dog world

Halloween costume dilemma solved

Art Explained

Now reading: One Halloween, Two Points of View: Debating the Pr...

The Uncanny Valley strikes again

San Francisco: A little more liberal maybe? Look what happens when Dallas comes to The City.

Thankfully, I'm not lactose intolerant because this is a grilled cheese sandwich I'd vote for

If there's one thing I hate, it's cankles! Impact Johnson in "Cooter Sweat"

On the ineluctable modality of the banana dolphin dervish

SFTW indeed. Go Giants!

Bubbles on Stinson Beach

What is 2 1/2 feet long and contains 4000 calories?

Don't Tread On Me

THIS is the future of humanity! Photoshop will be the 24th chromosome.

The latest innovation for Apple computers

Who needs toast when there's vodka?

Might as well live

San Francisco Giants win the pennant! You go, girls!

Today's blogging is sponsored by the letter G

Now THIS is a blog I can recommend!

It's Hydroencephalitis Awareness Month

Iced Tea meet Peach Schnapps

Uganda sounds lovely except for the "Stop sacrificing children" propaganda

Sweet Home Alabama: The Karaoke YouTube Version

Corn Dog Rollers? 2 for only $2?!!

It's Purple Wednesday

Planning on parking in SOMA today?

Christine O'Donnell and the First Amendment: Her "What Not To Read" List

Hey, let's buzz the Golden Gate Bridge in our jumbo jet!

Without Water, There Can Be No Iced Tea: Blog Action Day 2010

Boston or bust

Where does depression hurt?

My favorite works in our employee art show

My latest recommendation to SF Muni

Is it still summer?

Make Tea Not War

Dear @Zenguin, they're selling them in the stores now

Blog Action Day 2010 is this Friday

Odd juxtaposition of the day: Palin & Castro

Three Words: Banana Pound Cake

Carl Paladino: Republican, Candidate for NY Governor, and Bigot

It's lunchtime. Who else is hungry?

Baker Beach on 10/10/10

Fresh Prince of South Park

Lunch @farmtable

Cone Pizzas?!

This is my god now

Black urinals at Zero Zero

Further proof that iced tea drinkers are peaceful--even when robbing you

Found at work: Cupcakes

Patience is a virtue, but why wait when you have a Rascal Scooter?

How to tell if you have Giants Fever

I need a Halloween costume