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Overheard on the Bus

Jury Duty!

The Great Pacific Northwest Tour in Pictures

In case you're shopping for my Xmas gift. . .

Post Cannon Beach Stress Disorder

Home Sweet Home

Lunch in Portland

Goodbye Seattle

Sitting in Gasworks Park

Did I mention the doughnut eating contest?

Seriously the best doughnuts EVAR

Shannon says "Lunch or Voodoo"

Hello Seattle

Lake Washington

Courtney at Machiavelli's

Thank all that is holy for Top Pot Doughnuts

Last night in Cannon Beach

The bridge NOT to Terebithia

Where we ats?!

Leaving tsunami hazard zone

I can hear the banjos

Food at the reception

Renee and Yasu's dance

Courtney gets frisky

My god! They're married!

The wedding locale

Getting ready for the ceremony

Got dress?

Get on the bus!

Haystack Rock

Pig 'n Pancake Success!

Meet my date for the wedding

Live from Cannon Beach

The Happy Couple

Cannon Beach

Our little home away from home

Voilà Butterfinger Blizzard

Day 2: Heading to Cannon Beach

Marionberry Cosmo

Quality of life in Portland

I "heart" iced tea in Portland

We have arrived in Portland!

We made it to Mt. Shasta

On the road to Cannon Beach

Instant Opinion Poll

Viagra vs. the Pill: John McCain Confronts This Pressing Issue

Brought to You by the Number 4

He's Just a Brief Guy. It's What He Wears.

Push me to the Golden Gate

What Would iJesus Do? A Tale of the iPhone

Waiting in line for the iPhone

Nuts to you, Barack

Matt's Going Away Party Today

Grace Jones, "Corporate Cannibal"

One Man's Trash. . .

Mea Culpa: Bush Apologizes For Everything

Congrats! You Just Had A Bouncing Baby. . .

Sex Ed and the Religious Right

Rafa Wins Wimbledon

As If You Needed Another Reason to Go to Brazil

Brent Corrigan and Porn Lite, Or a "Gayer" Gossip Girl Video Montage

Fire in Western Addition!

Pringles: 42% Pure Potato

A Typical Day at Work