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People will line up for anything in this city

DIY: Skinned Hermaphrodite Telephone

Not bad for an atheist: Pew Forum Religious Knowledge Quiz

It's just a puppy


North Beach Old and New

Sunny D and Rum: Yum Yum

Inhuman Resources: How to make sure you don't get an interview

Who needs manna from heaven when there are caffeinated brownies?!

Peter Pan Fail

Chum: A Redefinition

I bought a poem today @thepoetrystore

These colors don't run either

How Feta Is Made: A cheese factory in our mouths

Twitter in situ

West Virginia Girls Are Unforgettable

O RLY? The Montage

For Scott P

Got Clowns?

Kitten + Tortoise = Friday Night Fun

It's Friday night. What else would I be doing?

Another reason to drink: It's Autumn!

Hey, He-Man, What's Goin' On?

Deep-Fried Cheddar-Bacon Mashed Potatoes, or You had me at deep-fried

Hanger Fail

MLK Jr. vs the Market: Retail Capitalism Wins Every Time

Systems Theory and the Future of the Book: Everything is connected

Senator John McCain: Bigoted or Just Ignorant (or both)

What it means when you say "literally" (via The Oatmeal)

At the cow wash

Kama Pootra vs. What's Your Poo Telling You?

The fog is a living thing in San Francisco [video]

Race and Ethnicity in the San Francisco Bay Area

I tasted a mooncake, and it didn't kill me (yet)

Let's double the fines for fare evasion on SF Muni

The Shelf Elf has found me!

Oak & Van Ness: My old stomping grounds

Is there any flavor that vodka should avoid?

Chronicle Books Does Park(ing) Day

Who's a family? New study tracks shifting US views on gay families

It's Friday and I'm exhausted. Thankfully, my entourage will carry me.

It's PARK(ing) Day! Come by Chronicle Books and check out our parklet

My favorite color

Love and Other Drugs [Jake Gyllenhaal Alert]

Looks like a good night for baseball

Don't Follow The Arrows! [seen in SOMA]

Julia Roberts stars in "The Scariest GIF Ever!"

Pele is not to be trifled with: Fire tornado filmed in Hawai'i

Cover Letter Tip of the Day: Pronouns Are Your Friends

Say when!

A Hipster Homage via @Nerdista

The Folsom Sour @ ZeroZero

Science is beautiful (especially when you add vodka)

Another reason to love New Zealand

Bread! Tartine Bakery and their new book

NBC: Not as racist as they used to be

Butter Makes It Better

Consider Publishing Saved: Snooki Reads

Back off FDA! FDA sends warning letter to Lipton: Tea Can't Do That

People take dying spouses seriously: Big Brother and Matt

Enjoy the sunshine today SF!

It's Friday. I need a nap.

Another Offshore Oil Platform Explosion: The Star Trek Connection

My office keyboard: It's alive!

True Tales of False Romance

Holy Mudflaps!

Watch Out For My Body Rolls [video]

There's no difference between a calf and an infant

This person is my hero, or "Why stealing from children is good"