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Families come in all forms

Jesus had two dads

Now THIS is art: Pamela Michelle Johnson's hyper real junk food paintings

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Is it weird that I want to live here?

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Tell us more, baby boomers

Harry Potter: Atheist

Happy Thanksgiving

Self-Portrait meet Self Pop-Tart

2006 Aleph Malbec for #Drinksgiving

The Rainbow Connection at UC Davis

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Dangerous Congregations

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South meets West in my belly tonight

Occupy Seurat

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Want: Revolving Bookshelves

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Liberace: Ladies' Man

Cat + Butter = Infinite Energy

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Welcome to Kitty City: Did you forget your meds?

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Mariam Forgive Me!

2010 Borsao Garnacha: From Whole Foods to my liver in 60 seconds

Trailer Mac from Homeroom

Anne Frank doesn't like location services

There is a cult of ignorance in the United States

My favorite book as a child

Tonight's wine: 2007 Lateral, Kathryn Kennedy Winery

That's Ms. Bionic Woman to you

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Glass of Bacon: An item that should be on every menu