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Mac & Cheese Sandwich

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Vodka is mostly water, right?

Merry Xmas

O Tannenbaum

Are we there yet?

Rudolph (You Don't Have To Put On The Red Light)

Now THIS puts me in the Xmas spirit!

Two down, two to go

Dream big, Ashanta

Banksy's views on advertising

9 Views on How to Fix America

Justice Delayed, but Leonard Matlovich would have to be happy today: Repeal of DADT

A Change Is Gonna Come: Repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

It's Friday. Let the belching begin!

Look out, company Xmas party!

I'm crushing your head

Merry Xmas from Chronicle Books

Goodbye Kitty

West Wind is dead. Long live West Wind!

Pringles does it again: Pigs in Blankets flavor!!

Shopping for a new rug: Option #1

If Sarcasm Ruled the World

Take that, you bike-riding hippie! UC Berkeley crackdown has bicyclists fuming

Do you wish your coffee cup held a surprise? Hidden Animal Teacups will solve your dilemma.

Bed Bugs Don't Have To Be Scary, Do They?

Get out of here, Monday! Just get now, you hear!

Dolls to love and cherish

We may need to get another Missourian in the White House

The 2011 Color of the Year is...PINK-ish

Mini Gingerbread Men

Lola: Demon Dog

Every day is Halloween when you're a panda researcher in China

Who doesn't drink wine from the barrel? Let's go to Barrique!

Wine for a rainy night

Accounting just became a whole lot more interesting: KSU instructor arrested for exposing himself in class  

Sedimentary Books: Now this is a library information desk!

Tilda Swinton: So Alien, So Amazing

Dear Santa, if I were a kid, I'd want these: SmartLab Friends & Family Sale!

Josh Duhamel flies the unfriendly skies

Found at the parents': 110% Effort

Oh, that pesky Fourth Amendment

Flatbread at Nopa

Maldon Sea Salt at Nopa

Cash4Gold has no sense of humor

Now You Know Why They Call It The Singapore Sling

What does the MOIST button do?

Found at the parents' house: Lady Frog with lipstick

Eat or Fat?

Found at the parents' house: Dalmatian statue (very life-like)

Found at the parents' house: One frog and one mushroom

Wow! I'm in a JC Penney!

Found at the parents' house: Tires painted like Lifesavers