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Word of the Day: Timeshafted

Sunset from Indian Rock

This will haunt me all day: Old Sex Ed video

Tradgic Misspelled Tattoos and U.S. Politics

The State of the Union & Sarcasm

Work Hard, Play Hard: Vice Magazine likes its men hard

The New Apple iPad

Thanks Moses

Mahatma Gandhi on Homosexuality

It will eat your eyes for dessert

Ever hear of origami?

I'm Back!!!!

I've walked miles in these shoes

Kiholo Bay

Kailua Bay

Bright lights, Big island

Pizzeria Zacchini in Kona

Mauna Kea beach

New View

Kehena Beach: Nudists, Hippies and Nude Hippies Welcome

Iced tea at Huli Sue's

On a white sandy beach in Hawai'i

Hapuna Beach

Lunch is ready

Maitai #2

For Jake

For my sister


Courtney's here!!

Iced tea & Sarcasm (and Murakami) in paradise

Good morning Kona!

Thank you, Pele, for an amazing day

Always begin a long trip with...CAFFEINE!!

My View


We have landed

In-flight movie: All About Steve

Airplane Notes: The People Behind Me

Hoc vinum Falernum annorum quadragenta est. Bene aetatem fert.

Ready for takeoff

At the airport: The adventure begins

January 14, 2010

Haiti: Do you know Jessical Badio?

Is this what 40 looks like?

Cirque du Soleil and Ovo

Fire hydrant, SoMa

Guess what I'm doing tonight?

Is Ted Olson my new hero? The Proposition 8 Trial in SF

Goodbye Jake

The Best Use of Post-Its Ever: Super Mario Jesus

Jane Lynch from "Glee" on minority rights

Dreaming of a Tablet

Guts. Honor. Toast.

Neti Pot Nightmare: The Truth About Alternative Nose Cleansing

Predicting the Death of the Book Isn't New

FYI: Jesus wrote the U.S. Constitution

And we're back!!

The Ongoing Blogger Fail of 2010