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This is still $600/month in San Francisco

The floss proctologists recommend most!

The 20 Most Caffeinated Cities, or "My work here is never done"

Things people hate or love: Seagulls, homophobes and/or racists

Everything is going mobile: The Lafayette Bookstore

Hating seagulls is like being racist or homophobic

Don't tell the Mohel!

The view from the Embarcadero today

Gravy Dog

Who needs a Snuggie when you can have this?!

He is a homosexual: 1967-2010

Can I be Mommy for a while?

Drink Up! Charlotte's Web at Eve

That's it, I'm moving to Bell, CA : How a city manager of a small, poor CA town made $787K

Elmhurst, Illinois could teach the San Francisco Board of Supervisors a thing or two

Why all the bad press, Oakland?

We're Top 10 in Sarcasm!

This makes you want to do bad things, doesn't it?

When babies come around, I show the parents this

Coming soon to a theater near you: The Exercise

"At Last" by Etta James (and a turtle)

Want: Portable watermelon cooler/heater

Guess who Mel Gibson is dating now?!

Ah, yes, now I understand the joys of parenting

Where angels fear to tread, or Cristiano Ronaldo gets "boned"

Why drink less?

If I can't hear the donkey's screams, then it didn't really happen

When I read this, my heart grew three sizes, my eyes watered, and I thought one word

What turns you on?

Erika Toure Aviance is fierce in "My Pumps"

She's come a long way, baby: Lady Gaga performs in SF in 2008

I don't want to be a pest this morning but...

Does this rainbow umbrella make me look gay?

Do you object to open relationships?

Infidelity: A Graphic Representation

Yippee! It's Friday!!

Broken eyes

Dinner tonight is brought to you by Real Simple magazine

Who knew the Real World had become relevant again?

Strive to be boring

Salmon with horseradish crust

Drink up! 2008 Terrazas de los Andes Malbec

Whet paint

Remember what I said about being "child-free"?

That's what wives are for!

Cake: Nom nom nom

When "Ultra" is too much to handle

Marriage Equality: It Shouldn't Be A Big Deal

Cover Letter Tip of the Day

Everybody run!

When "graphic" means shocking, SF Gate's art department is usually involved

Farm:Table: You have to eat here

Redefining Fabulous

Fashion is beauty

Happy birthday, Gale Harold

Carrot Top has completely transitioned

Coco500, you redeemed yourself tonight [Food]

Be Lindsay Lohan but better. Be Unseen!

Watch out, Paul McCartney! SoMa isn't the Haight, you hippie!!

You're soaking in it

Vote Yes on Proposition Infinity: Robosexual Rights Now!

Rincon Hill thinks it will be bothered by a concert in AT&T Park