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Farewell 2008 and Happy New Year!

Ready to leave, or The End of Xmas 2008

My Xmas gift

Strawberry trifle

The traditional American holiday meal

Xmas AKA War of the Planets

In certain circles, I'm known as a Tinker Toy artist

Santa <3 me

Eartha Kitt 1927-2008

Sebastian says Merry Xmas!

Oh god, it's Noah the Musical

Welcome to Missouri

They shoot horses, don't they?

Dallas-Fort Worth airport

Taking off

Boarding flight #1

And so it begins

All I Want For Christmas is You

Do you think this is true?

Mock Peanut Brittle

Beer Pong!

Holiday Party: Chronicle Books Rocks Out When We Clock Out

Viva Las Vegas!

Socially Conservative Arguments Don't Hold Water

An Old Friend Died Recently

How I Spent My Sunday

I <\3 Paula Deen

All I Want for Xmas: Screaming Chicken

Analyzing YouTube


Call your mother!

Inside "Milk"

The 7 PM showing of "Milk" is over!

I no longer recognize marriage

Only floss the ones you want to keep


Chronicle Books Friends & Family Sale: 35% off and free shipping now through Dec 5th!

Mark Doty wins a National Book Award

Jay Brannan at The Bottom of the Hill

Let's have a vote; Or, You may not be gay, but you may be next.

Saturday Night Live Does It Again

Celebrity Sighting at the Protest in SF

Day of Protest in San Francisco Against Prop 8

And with the brilliance of a thousand suns, he shone down upon us

Overheard in the elevator tonight

Check the Closets at Work

Protect Marriage, Prohibit Divorce

Yes We Can

National Protest Against Prop 8

The Protest March Against Prop 8 in San Francisco

My response to casual discrimination

I, Too, Sing America

Prop 8 Protesters and the Mormon Church

Protest Prop 8 in SF tonight!

Gay Writers Respond to Proposition 8’s Win in California


I am the Battleground

Rally Against Prop 8 in San Francisco

Legal Groups File Lawsuit Challenging Proposition 8

Election Results in California


Too little, Too late?

Obama Wins!

Wolf Blitzer just beamed a someone into the Situation Room

Not Ideas About Equality But Equality Itself

Barack Obama's Grandmother Died

Prop 8 Graph

Bus Stop

Parents say "No on Prop 8"

Hey, Little Kid, Want Some Candy?

Vote No on Prop 8 with Kathy Griffin

Truly Frightening

¡Ya Voté! No on Prop 8

Happy Halloween!

Finally! A Politically Incorrect Commercial About Prop 8: Third Grade Gay

Finally, Ronald Reagan and I Agree On Something

Obama's Speech Tonight AKA "The Obamamercial"

The Boys in the Band on DVD

KOR: Water Bottle as Fashion Accessory

But she used to be so funny. . .

Senator Dianne Feinstein Finally Speaks Out Against Prop 8

I'm a scientist now!

Tia Carroll and Hard Work at Yoshi's San Francisco

Phone Banking for Obama today