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Cutting Edge Meats in San Francisco

Get it? Toy Yoda. . . ?

Pride Month is ending

"The fish is movin' but it's dead!"

It's either a scary drag queen or Whitney Houston is off the wagon

Dear Everyone with Feet [RE-POST]

I wonder if Michael Bauer has tried this burger?

The best part of SF Pride 2010: Andy Bell of Erasure

Feeling peckish? How about a bowl of bacon?

"I am become death, the destroyer of worlds" Or, It's a bird eat bird world out there

Leena Shirlee on the Melodipump performing a "Lesbian Song"

Gavin Newsom is moist

Stubble = Death: Shave your legs or you risk killing your boyfriends, ladies

When is a t-shirt worth $156?

God is an atheist?

Is this the worst news story graphic you've ever seen?

A European Vacation: One Year Later

I ate this: Outside-In Food Festival

Friday at Radius

Martuni's: Abba or bust

I miss the storms of my youth

Martuni's rocks

Proof of Evolution!

This is grace under pressure

My iPhone has arrived!

Homosexuality is a sin, girlfriend

Wedding Day! Persia meets France in the East Bay

Why did God make people?

Recipe for success: Faye Dunaway + hard boiled egg + Kazumi Kurigami

A Classic Drink to Celebrate the iPhone 4

Everyone's a critic: Jesus statue struck by lightning

Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

Dinner at Mission Beach

Terroir-ist imagery

Is it winter yet? I'm so over summer.

A Broke-Ass Manifesto -- Because Poetry Matters

Earthquake warning issued for California (but I'm not that worried)

If it weren't so darned cute, I would hate it

The End of An Era: Paper Muni Fast Pass Ends This October in SF

Over the Weekend Rush Limbaugh Got Married and This Was Gawker's Present

Make Homosexuals Get Married or "Misery Loves Company"

Waiting for your cat to bark? It's #VolunteerDay!

Mmmm, bacon!

Just like Nonna used to make: Piccino Restaurant & Cafe

Not Your Father's Cadbury Bunny, or How Oil Spills Ruin Everything

Square blackboard brooch only $105!! [Conspicuous Consumption]

Worst Case Scenario: Gulf Oil Spill

Sinkholes Rock! Or, the Existential Crisis of a Big Hole in the Ground