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Dear artists, you can stop now

Anyone using Bloglovin'?

My new favorite Christmas song

Merry Xmas! Now party hard.

Happy Xmas!


It's a library, honey...

My plan to make guns safe

Happy Solstice!

In honor of my haircut: RuPaul's "Back to my roots"

Undressing my Christmas gift

Is this REALLY Ricky Martin?!

I Don't Care

The Penultimate Day of the World: Dreams and Doughnuts

Dear Lorax, we need you.

What would you do for minimum wage?

But I prefer reading.

Art as Primal Scream Therapy: Kim Beom

Mona Lisa á la Instagram

Worst green thumb ever

It's always tea time

Toe Shoes are #1 on my list: Gawker's 22 Terrible Things That Must End in 2013

12:12 on 12/12/12?

The War on Xmas continues: Behold The Supreme Fabulettes

Caffeine: The Socially Acceptable Addiction

Drown your troubles in coffee

Hanukkah Matata!

My diet philosophy

Who wants a drink?

Because one life is just not enough

Teddy bears can fly!

Six Supervisors in San Francisco Who Hate The Naked Human Body: Nudity Ban Approved

How NOT to end your trip to New York

Live Accordingly

Happy Veterans Day!

Dear Romney voters

Via Pippa's Cabinet: Be A Voter

Senator Todd Akin is right

Keep Calm and Vote Obama

The Perfect Clock

Chronicle Books bakes up a storm for Hurricane Sandy Relief today! 12-1:30pm

America's illogical marriage laws

First they speak, then they take over the world: Whales weep not

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

SF Giants fans or hoodlums? The Day After Game 4

The Reader's Dilemma

The SF Giants will lick the Detroit Tigers

Lana Wachowski: Fierce and brilliant

Mild, spicy, or chunky: A creative way to serve condiments at your next party

Ann Romney get frisky after the debate: A Tale of Horses and Bayonets

Ann Coulter, Queen of Trolls (aka @anncoulter), speaks out about National Coming Out Day

Mitt and Barack, sitting in a tree. . .

Let Obama Be Obama

Happy National Vodka Day 2012!

Romney: Lord of the Sith

Conspicuous Consumption vs. San Francisco Values: Tech's Role in the Battle for SF's Soul

SMOSH Creates 20 New "Creative" Titles for Classic Children's Books: Pick your favorite!

Bacon Apocalypse! Pork shortage is unavoidable according to Britain's National Pig Association

A great reason to meet new people

It costs a lot to be homeless in SF

BOGO at the office: Dr Pepper and Butterfinger

This is the best thing ever: famous men wearing tiaras

Mitt Romney: Made in China