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Best burger in the Bay Area? Marlowe

Unsolicited gifts at work: Foodzie!

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Did anyone lose a filling from their tooth recently?

I don't understand chairs in bathrooms

4505 Spicy Chicharrones

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I don't want to be buried in a baby head cemetery

Larry Kramer in Salon

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As if I needed another reason to get Botox

From Etsy with love: Release your inner unicorn

It's Friday!

San Francisco, 1937

Are you listening to Jessie J yet?

I love wine, but...

Fake Baked Alaska

Nightwalking in San Francisco

The Only Way To Jump Rope

I am shocked!!

Analog Vs. Digital: Kindle Subscriptions Aren't Really Yours

Attacking Art: Piss Christ Vandalized In France

I'm pretty sure it's Wine O'clock

Found In San Francisco's Mint Plaza: Voodoo Drawings

It's Monday Again?!

Trevor Was Born This Way

Trusting The Internet

The Rich: Feel Their Pain

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Tickle My Penguin

If I ever wear shoes like this

Goat Hill pizza: It's what's for dinner

Someone's day is about to go from zero to OMG

So, what did you do this weekend? I hope it didn't involve running naked down the 405.

The SF Giants get a championship ring

If the pen is mightier than the sword

Whispering to the Deaf: The Star Jones Story

Spotted at a Borders in Chicago: No Restrooms

Bill Maher on President Obama and the Democratic Party's stance on gay marriage

It's going to be a farewell filled with SF kitsch!