Ann Coulter, Queen of Trolls (aka @anncoulter), speaks out about National Coming Out Day

You know, I don't even think Ann Coulter believes 90% of the stuff she says and writes. Her job is to be the Conservative Troll. And she is GOOD.

But, Ann, if you do believe this, please know that this kind of thinking has been and will continue to be the cause of thousands of suicides and ruined lives. Is the GOP pro-suicide? Pro-family? I wonder.

So, it's easier to believe you're a media hack, trolling for reactions. Congratulations. You got several with these bons mots.


BosGuy said…
Why people give this woman a microphone and invite her to speak is still beyond my understanding. There are so many conservatives who have far more credibility and respect in the eyes of the general population.

Coulter's ego must be the driving force behind such comments, because it seems like whenever she cracks a joke, the only people laughing are wearing white pointed hoods and burning crosses. Hardly the constituency conservatives are trying to rally.
toddx said…
As I said in a tweet, she's kkklassy.

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