Day 1 in Rome: Todd X needs iced tea

It's after 2AM and I'm lying in bed listening to the rain and city noises. It's a good thing. We arrived in Rome around 5PM and had to take a little nap after traveling for 21 hours. Beam me to Rome next time, Scotty. Oh, and let's export the idea of iced tea to this country. 

After a little sleep, a quick shower, and a change of clothes, Rand and I wandered the streets in search of food and Italian life. No plans, barely a map, and a 40% chance of rain. Nevertheless, it all turned out well. 

We has a good dinner at what appeared to be a pretty local restaurant, we wandered past Trevi Fountain and climbed the Spanish Steps. In between, we shared beers in a little piazza and worked up the courage to push our way into a local enotecha for a glass of wine. 

Yes, we felt a few sprinkles, and we weren't blown away by the wine, but everything is just a little bit better when you're in a city like Rome. Not bad for night #1. 


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