Paula Deen: The Real Controversy

Yes, Paula yearns for plantation-style dinner parties with waiter-slaves, but this behind-the-scenes shot at the Food Network reveals her true debauchery and likely the real reason the Food Network is not renewing her contract.

Clearly, Paula is the Food TV Caligula and hosts raucous and immoral parties marked by feather headdresses, questionable fashion, and abdominal butter licking contests. At least, I'm assuming that's butter on Robert Irvine's belly. The execs of the Food Network can overlook a lot, but their morals clause is a line in the sand. 

Paula "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" Deen will survive, though. Fear not. America and the South are forgiving. She'll just deep fry a tasty, artery-clogging apology and people will be lining up at her restaurant in no time. If you're brave, ask for the Butter Shot Special. 


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