Brokeback Mountain

Well, I went to see this film tonight. And, I cried a little. And wanted to kill the LARGE woman sitting in my row who kept making comments in her pidgin English. Honey, you're in a THEATER, with other people, who can hear you and don't want to. Please to shut da fuck up, eh? Mahalo.

As for the movie, I was very happy that it even came to Kona. I guess I have Oscar to thank for that. It's a quiet film with beautiful cinematography. Being a 2 hour film, it was more than the original short story, more fleshed out. Mostly, it worked. But, I loved the sparse power of Annie Proulx's story. Still, the film was touching and sad and beautiful. I wish I could say these unrequited, closeted relationships were a thing of the past, but we all know that's not true.

So, be nice to a homo/bi gal or guy today. Buy 'em a Coke or give 'em a smoke. Spread the love, my friends.

Aloha nui loa.


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