January: The Glorious Month of My Birth

In less than two weeks' time, I'll be "officially" one year older. Although, Buddha knows that this past year has put more than one year on the odometer of my life. On a lighter note, I've decided that this is the year to start turning the clock backward. I mean, why not? If the 90210 "kids" could pull off highschool, then I can surely pass for my early 30s a little while longer.

January in Hawaii is turning out to be pretty nice. We've had some overcast weather recently and really high surf, but today was sunny and the sunset was beyootiful.

My sister will be here in eleven days, so I need to start preparing for that. Cleaning, figuring out where she'll sleep, what she'll eat, and, more importantly, what we'll do on my birthday.

Personally, my only goal for the day is to wear shorts all day. Hey, I'm in Hawaii and I want to say I wore shorts on my birthday. For someone who spent 20 years with snowy, icy birthdays, it's a worthy, perhaps religious, goal.


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