It may not be the Platonic Ideal

But, as God is my witness, it's a CHAIR!!

Okay, I know this chair has taken up way (and I mean WAAAAAAAAY) too much of my time and psycho-social energy for the past 2 1/2 years, but I hope you will all understand my curious but charming psychosis: I needed a chair that fit, that worked, that understood me and wanted to be part of my little sanctum sanctorum that I call my humble abode--Chez Todd. And I couldn't really have anyone visit me (save Rand and the occasional Brazilian) until this hole in my apartment's heart could be filled.

Today, it was filled. Thank you to Rand, Renee, Beth, and Yasu for being ultra-patient with me. (Egan is lucky that he's been spared the brunt of this lunacy.) Thank you Room and Board for letting me shop many many times at your store. And thank you for having the chair that I finally selected. And thank you to the cow(s) who gave their poor little hides so that I could sit in leather-bound comfort. Really, it was worth your sacrifice. Moo.

So, the next time you're in town and don't mind covering yourself in bubblewrap, be sure to pop by and have a seat. (Are those keys in your pocket? Do you WANT to scratch the leather?!!! Are you an uncaring savage who has never had NICE THINGS!!??!! Why do I let these people in my house?)


Darlinf Todd it's truely chic, it looks like it came from the 1st Class Smoking Salon of the old Normandie.
crashstlmo said…
Now, about those vertical blinds. . .
Dixie said…
You know what you really need now is a little table to go beside the chair. You know to put a book on or a cocktail.
toddx said…

I know, I know. They came with the apartment! What should I do?!

And, Dixie, thanks for giving me something else to worry about now. A table?!! It could take 18 months to find the right table!!!
Rachael said…
Nice chair! I also really like your coffee table.
docutz said…
Very nice! Congrats on biting the bullet.
Omigod! He actually bought one? Now what are we going to read about?

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