Reluctant Activism: My Specialty

The fine folks at Chronicle Books have published a great new book called Change the World for Ten Bucks. As part of their quirky marketing campaign, they asked me to write some entries for their company blog. Never one to do things half-assed, I decided to do a little video or two. It was fun and goofy. Basically, a star was born today. I do come off as a little fey, though. Alas, you can't fight genetics.



Darling Todd, Mere words cannot express the emotions I'm feeling at viewing your cinematic debut, if you're not careful you'll soon be the "Susan Boyle" of the literary world.
toddx said…
Susan Boyle!!! Does that mean I have to grow a mustache, too?
Of course not darling just a beard. ;)
Anonymous said…
So how many takes did you have to do? Miss Boyle (the pride of West Lothian) only got one...
Anonymous said…
Just had to stop by when I got the "google alert" for Quirky Marketing. You see I wrote the book "Quirky Marketing" and like to see what other marketers are doing in the world of quirky marketing for their businesses.

Interesting use of video to promote a book. I like that its short a sweet. Perhaps you could do a series of under a minute videos. You could become even more famous for it and make a huge impact on the world!

Anyway, wanted to say I'm glad I stopped by. I am originally from Northern CA (Fremont area) and miss it very much. Only get to visit SF every 4 or 5 years.

Have an amazing day,

Heidi Richards Mooney, Author, Entrepreneur, Business Coach
toddx said…
RC, it only took one take for the cabinet one. The person filming me with the pen made me do it a couple times from different angles. Basically, I'm a pro. :)

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