Photos from my trip to Paris and Madrid

There are a BUNCH of them. Stop watching whenever you get bored. :)


Pilgrim said…
I saw you at the Luxembourg! Propz Pilgrim
Darling they're just wonderful I just adore looking at lanturn slides.
Pilgrim said…
Either way! Who in Paris can oversee americains?*lol*
Marc Ostrick said…
Great photos... you should check out my site eGuiders... We have a fun newsletter as well.
Rachael said…
What great pictures! I totally love all the ones of you two. Would it be wrong to call them adorable? It's not like you guys are two grown men or something... I really like the ones of you guys with the statues (0556 etc).

Also, I enjoy living vicariously through you with all of your food pictures. Especially 0778. NOM NOM. Jealous.

Looks like you had a great time!

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