Best burger in the Bay Area? Marlowe


Graeme said…
You didn't ask, but I have to comment... I have tried & liked burgers at Marlowe & Zuni, but I think the best is Chez Maman. Super Duper is pretty solid, though Shake Shack in NYC is better.
toddx said…
Ah, yes. Chez Maman. One of my faves if only for the atmosphere. I truly enjoy the 4505 burger, but it's a madhouse at the Ferry Building. And the Nopa burger wasn't nominated. I still think it's excellent. I've heard of Shake Shack but haven't had the chance to try it. Perhaps this summer. . . ?
Graeme said…
We are on our way to Nopa now to try their burger. Not sure how neither of us had it when we ate there before, but we're looking forward to trying it. Lots of hype to live up to, but... That's the good kind of pressure, amirite?

Shake Shack definitely delivered. We went in skeptical, but we all left praising the place.

Haven't had the 4505 burger either. At the Ferry Building we always cop out & just eat at the Gott Bros. Another to add to the list!

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