Found In San Francisco's Mint Plaza: Voodoo Drawings

After brunch on Sunday, Rand, Caroline, and I went to the mall to check out Bloomingdale's and to pick up some Aveda shampoo. Then we decided to head over to Mint Plaza to hang out near Blue Bottle and the homeless and eat our gelato. As we walked over to sit on a ledge in front of 54 Mint, I noticed this little piece of Blair Witch memorabilia. The photo above is how I found it. Of course I had to check it out.

So, I moved the stone and looked at page one. What mad, crack-addled brain drew this stuff? And there was more.

Page two revealed a figure that surely will haunt my dreams. What scary demon are the Tenderloin homeless worshipping while we sleep? Caroline declared it to be voodoo, so we put it back as we found it, spun around three times and spat. Wish us luck and be sure to wear your crucifix/good luck charm/garlic necklace the next time you visit Mint Plaza.


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