Phone Booth Mini-Libraries: Reclaiming Public Space With Books (via @zenguin)


"The books in the first library disappeared within six hours and the plywood shelf within just ten days."

Thus began an amazing project by Architect John Locke and DUB (Department of Urban Betterment) to both utilize existing but unused public space. The reincarnation of the project aka DUB002 has survived its initial placement and continues to beckon citizen readers. People seem wary about taking the books (Locke suspects its because of the DUB logos on the spines) and returning with new ones, so he is rethinking how to make the project's book-sharing goals (aka instructions) more obvious but still not limiting. This reminds me of the lending library cart we have at work. People take books, read books, and add new books. It's always full.

Dear artists/designers/architects/thinkers,

More stuff like this, please.

Todd X.

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