Dream Analysis by Todd X: Tree throwing man

I'm not a big dreamer. Sleep is for sleeping. I put up with enough of you people when I'm awake. Permit me my little death slices of blissful unconsciousness. However, every once in a while, I have an intruder.

Last night, for example, I can remember just one snippet of a dream. I was in bed (in my dream) and someone broke into my room and threw a chopped off tree at me. It was something like a pine or cedar tree.

It woke me up--temporarily. This was no Disney 3D Lorax stopping in to tell me to recycle (or was it...?). No. The man was scary and angry. And he had a tree. And probably a chainsaw!! I'm sure my life was in danger. "Killed too young" the epitaph would read.

I'm no tree-hugger. I like trees. I'm just not "in like" with them. But, I have no guilt about my interactions with them. Sure, that Canadian forest I burned down when I was 15 was tragic, but I'm sure there are some saplings there now. Long story short, trees and I are good.

So, what have I done to lumberjacks? Or the chainsaw industry? Or was it Santa in his street clothes? I believe, Santa. I believe!! Just don't wake me up again. I seriously need the beauty sleep.

Freud, eat your heart out.




Assaulted by an angry man with a phallic symbol=avoid fatty foods.
toddx said…
Stop calling me fat.

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