Bacon Apocalypse! Pork shortage is unavoidable according to Britain's National Pig Association

Totally ignoring the amusing fact that there is a British National Pig Association (that'll do, Sir Pig), can I get an OMG from all of you?
Bacon (the economic engine for all brunches according to pal @phuongmai) is a critical worldwide resource. Forget oil and sunshine. Give us BACON!!!
Scientists, agronomists, and Native American bacon dancers of the world, please convene to solve this dilemma. As god is my witness, I won't eat Brussels sprouts without bacon again!
P.S. No, I do not read Fox News. I saw this link in Phuong's timeline and had to share. Phuong, I'm ashamed of your conservative inclinations.


Anonymous said…
I once had a bacon flavored vodka cocktail with breakfast foods all exclusively centered around bacon.

When my soul re-entered the living realm all was unending futility and mad blind despair for all the rest of my days.

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