Hating the neighbors

I live in a condo complex that's full of people who have come to Hawaii on vacation. You know, the people who actually buy timeshares. Anywho, right now, in the unit next to mine, there is a family that I'm contemplating poisoning. They are staying up late with the television BLARING. And they get up early, turn on, yes, the television, and proceed to carry on conversations which necessitate yelling one another's names. Ah, such a classy family.

Lucky me, I will be closing at the store for the next two nights--being Xmas we'll be open until midnight. So, I'll get home around 1am and will probably be awakened at 7:30am by the Troglodyte Family. Nice.

Santa, in addition to that hippopotamus, I'd also appreciate a small cluster bomb. I'll transmit the coordinates later.

Ho ho ho.


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