The New Orleans Disaster Tour 2006 (featuring Katrina and. . . the Waves?)

It's true. The apocalypse is upon us. The Four Horsemen are saddling up. Crass commercialism has finally reached its zenith. For those who doubt me, I give you Gray Line Tours.

Gray Line, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to offer tours through the devestation and destruction of New Orleans aprés Katrina. Can't you see it now? Hordes of Southern Baptists and Evangelicals riding in air-conditioned comfort through the hurricane-stricken wards of what's left of that little bit of Old Europe in America. They will tsk-tsk their way through the city, revelling in the knowledge that their god is great and just and that his will has been done. He's more efficient that a full can of Sodom Be Gone!

I'm sure Bourbon Street was skipped over just because they were offering a 3 for 1 Happy Hour at Muffins-n-Studs. God knows a good deal when he sees one! Besides, there are plenty of asteroids just itching to rain down on the city and whip up some Gumbo Gomorrah-style. Ah, yes. It will be glorious.

Here's to you, Gray Line.

I hope you all get yeast infections.


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