Monday is over! Thank the Buddha!

It wasn't a good day. Drizzly and cool. Slow train. A ridiculous project at work that I had been putting off for weeks. Renee's out of town--along with 40% of the office--so it's quiet. I thought it would be a good day to tackle it. Little did I know it would literally take all day until 7 PM and that my allergies would decide to throw a party in my sinuses today. Ah, life!

It does explain, however, why I wanted to shout "Stupid, stupid, stupid!!" to the man who walked through the "Do Not Enter" turnstile at the Van Ness MUNI Station.

What? Me judge? No doubt about it. And it's getting less and less silent.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving if only for the long weekend that accompanies it.

Bon soir!

Listening to: KCRW Music


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