Space Mormons to the rescue!

Now, can someone explain to me how this is different from Scientology? Aliens, gods, revolts, wackos. Seems very similar to little old me.


Unknown said…
Space Mormons rock! I actually saw this ("The God Makers") in church once as a kid. It started a lifelong fascination with Mormons -- specifically pointing at them and laughing.

A lot of the verbiage is overwrought, and some of the claims are outdated, but most of the really eyebrow-raising information in there is solid and substantiated.

(I'm trying to raise the required education to read your blog by using "verbiage" and "overwrought" in the same sentence -- you can thank me later.)

Kolob is my favorite planet ever, except maybe Caprica. The Osmonds once released a CD called "The Plan" that was all about becoming gods by being faithful Mormons. It was recorded in "Kolob Studios" and released by Warner Bros. (!)

There's even a hymn in the standard Mormon hymnal "If You Could Hie To Kolob" ("in the twinkling of an eye," the first line continues). And in Battlestar Galactica (both the original and the re-imagined) the writers use the anagram "Kobol" as the ancient human homeworld. Apparently the original creator of the show was a Mormon. Good stuff!
toddx said…
Thanks, Kevin. Now, we're at Genius level. And I'm amazed (and frightened) by your knowledge of the Mormons. Loving the Kobol reference, though. I aspire to become a Cylon through prayer and fasting and genocide.

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