Why do my Hot Tamales have magnesium hydroxide in them?

Why can't I find Flying Blind on DVD?

Why can't I watch and then return my Netflix movies?

Why do birds suddenly appear?

Why do I experience an existential conundrum while waiting at the crosswalk, with a "Don't Walk" signal, no oncoming traffic except for the cars wanting to turn right on red? Am I the only one!?

Why isn't there a Peet's near my office?

Why is ER still on television?

Why do we have to get and feel old?

Why can't I own a Canadian?


Darling Todd, YOU where the other one who watched Flying Blind, I loved the show, I remember being so pissed off when they cancelled it.

Birds only appear when you're wearing a new bonnet and they wish to exacuate their bowels.

I wasn't aware that ER was still on the "Dumont".

Do we get and feel old ? I thought Stem Cells and a steady diet of Virgins cured that.

While I'm not cheap darling I am within your price bracket.

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