No, I'm Not Dead

But, I have been really busy with things at work (it's both bonus time and review time--fun!) and Rand and I manage to fill the weekends with stuff: the walking, the movies, the window shopping, the eating, the teevee watching, and oh the sleeping!!

Not much has happened, though. I saw "No Country For Old Men" and thought it was great. It or "Juno" should get the Oscar. I had a nice meal at 1300 On Fillmore. It's gorgeous and jazzy inside. Rand's fried chicken was yummy, and we had a couple of wines that I really liked. My braised short ribs were good (but not the best I've had, shhhh, don't tell). Yasu ordered a side of fries, too, and they were delicious and salty. Loved them.

Other than that and enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having and NOT playing tennis with my new birthday racket, I've basically just been modelling for glamour shots for my friend Justin (just look to the left). I think I look a little fat. Oh, the humanity. Time for that 1000 calorie a day diet to start. And where's my Alli?


Darling Todd, the very thought of you in tennis whites, bounding over the net is enough to make my knees buckle. Fat indeed! We should all look so fat! It's a wonderful photo and makes you look much younger than your 27 years. ;)

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