Oprah, Uma, Uma, Oprah

Does anyone remember when David Letterman hosted the Oscar awards and went on for (what seemed like) 10 minutes introducing Oprah to Uma and Uma to Oprah ad nauseum? Well, I'm beginning to think it's just a problem with these "O" and "U" names. Take Chris Matthews and company for example. While talking about Barack OBAMA, his graphics department "mistakenly" puts up a picture of OSAMA. I feel for them. Really.

So, to clarify and get these awkward introductions out of the way: Obama, Osama, Osama, Obama. Now shake hands and kiss like men.

Here's the Letterman bit for nostalgia's sake:


Darling, I remember when Emil Jannings hosted the awards!
toddx said…
That Nazi sympathizer?! I have to say that when I rented "The Way of All Flesh," it was not at ALL what I expected. Isn't there a Bel Ami version? Shouldn't there be?

BTW, it's good to hear from you. I hope you're well.
Yes darling I know but he was very good in the Blue Angel. There should indeed be a Bel Ami version and when they cast it I think you should audition, since you're only a couple of years older than the current crop of Bel Ami actors you'de be the perfect Bel Ami Daddy.

Well angel, I'm still trapped in this "Armpit" they call Canada, we've got snow up to my knockers, I can't wear pretty shoes for at least another 6 weeks, the Moose still roam freely, there's a Mountie on every corner (and they look nothing like Nelson Eddy)but other than that darling I'm well and still fighting the battle. ;)

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