Have You Cast Your Ballot Yet?!


I'm putting all my money on No Country For Old Men, but I'll be pleased if Juno wins a few things too.

I can't wait for the memorial section; it's my favorite. Let's play, "I can't believe [insert name] died!"


Darling I'm putting my money on The Great Zeigfield and Luise Riener.
toddx said…
I think you're going to be disappointed, Mags. Did you see Renee Zellweger's haircut? The horror.
I did indeed darling but I thought the dress was lovely. What really shocked me was Hilda Swanson and that excuse for a frock she wore not to mention her hair and lack of proper make-up, she looked like third place at the Kentucky Derby and I won't even begin express my horror at that mermaid thing that the French dame wore, she should have left it under water. Jennifer Hudsons knockers looked like a busted sofa from a Folsom St flop house and darling, did you see Miss Travolta's hair !!! Now we finally know who buys that spray-on hair in a can.

Oh how I miss the old Hollywood glamour.

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