Even Republicans read Cosmo (or pose for it at least)

The first Republican vying to take over Ted Kennedy's vacant seat has entered the race, and some racy photos of him have surfaced. State Senator and former Cosmopolitan centerfold Scott Brown posed as "America's Sexiest Man" in 1982.

While he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell to win this seat (read: uber-Democrat stronghold), I do think his past could do wonders to loosen up the Grand Old Party. Let your hair down, you guys. We know there's crazy stuff in your past. Just admit it, let's have a drink, share some great stories, and get down to business.

If you won't judge my personal life, I won't judge yours. I reserve the right, however, to make snarky comments as needed.

Cheers, Senator Brown!

Scott Brown


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