Real Life Twitter, Or "Why we don't say some things out loud"

I heart the College Humor guys. But, they have a point. We've taken our streams of consciousness and put them out there for the whole world to read. What if we took the next step?

Actually, this reminds me of walking around San Francisco or riding MUNI. Seriously, has this city completely warped my sense of normal? (I hope so)

So, while you're out and about, try saying some of those Tweets out loud. See what kind of reaction you get. And let me know what happens. You can find me at (of course).

PS Yes, I am in fact comparing my Twitter stream to the literary output of Joyce and Woolf. There, I said it. I'm a stream of consciousness genius. Deal with it.

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torchy! said…
lmao! i love it. l - o - l :) and the guy in the zxe ad after is hawt! :P


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