How much is too much for iced tea?

@nodns recently posted this on Twitter: Blueberry pancakes and bacon breakfast: $3.99. Iced tea with breakfast: $2.49. Something seems a little off balance about that.

Normally, I would agree immediately that this seems out of whack. However, my Starbucks venti iced tea is now around $2.30 in SF, so this seems reasonably in-line with that cost, especially since it probably comes with refills--unlike my Starbucks tea. Instead of thinking that the tea cost too much, I'd like to flip this around. Perhaps, $3.99 is too little to pay for breakfast.

I'm probably willing to pay $3 for iced tea. If my Blood Caffeine Level is low, I might be enticed to bump that up to $5. Desperation tax. As for breakfast, I'd pay $20 for a delicious meal of early morning goodness.

How about you?


Breakfast runs me about $40, Khalua and coffee aint cheap, sometimes I just forget the coffee and have 3 3 minute eggs.
toddx said…
That's a LOT of eggs, AB. Get that cholesterol checked now!
It's fine because I only eat the yolks.
Pilgrim said…
Icetea for like 0.45€(0.75$) per 1.5 ltrs(ca.3 1/2 pints) the breakfast for 1.45€(1.85$), that is cheaper as yours, and it´s Paris, dude! Propz Pilgrim
toddx said…
Pilgrim, that is just not fair. You're in Paris AND your tea is cheaper. Curses!! :)

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