It's National Iced Tea Day (if you're an amateur, that is)

Every day is Iced Tea Day here at IT&S, so a national holiday around the drink that fills my veins, while charming, hardly seems necessary. It's like that family relative who doesn't need an excuse to have a cocktail or two (or ten) who hates New Year's Eve because it's like amateur night.

In the interest of keeping things interesting (and as a nod to our favorite aforementioned relative), let's add some alcohol to this holiday and make it a party. Now, I don't like sweet tea. I prefer my tea bitter, like my heart. But, there's nothing wrong with an Arnold Palmer once in a while: 1/2 iced tea, 1/2 lemonade (a little sour, not too sweet). It's a good way to mix it up on a hot day. But, it's after 5pm, folks, so let's stop kidding around.

Go to the cupboard and get the good vodka. Now, when no one is looking, pour a little into your Arnold Palmer. Then pour a little more. Now you have a John Daly. So grab your glass, grab your golf clubs, and go hit an alcohol-tinged hole-in-one in honor of John Daly, iced tea, and holidays around the world.


John Daly recipe
2 oz vodka (don't even THINK about using the cheap stuff)
2 oz lemonade (organic, fresh-squeezed? Hell, pour it from a plastic jug for all I care, but it can't be too sweet)
2 oz tea (delicious, life-affirming, bitter black tea, please)

Mix ingredients with ice, strain into an iced-filled glass, and garnish with a lemon if you desire. If you're feeling extra adventurous, add some mint. Go wild!!


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