Remember when flying was classy? Well, toss that memory out of your head thanks to US Airways


Jill Tarlow has amazing luck, but she needs a better camera or a steadier hand. On her June 9th US Airways flight from Fort Lauderdale, FL, to Phoenix, AZ, she managed to snap this shot of a man wearing a natty little outfit normally sported in boudoirs or Polk Street in SF (hi Dad!). Of course, it's raised a ruckus around the unequal treatment for drag queens vs. young African-American men wearing saggy pajama bottoms, and US Airways are being accused of discrimination.

It's not discrimination, folks. It's fashion and safety. The guy above is hot, hot, hot. You don't mess with that level of sass. And can you see those shoes? If a flight attendant tried to make him cover up, she'd have to be wearing Kevlar to protect her from those stilettos. I fully support her act of self-preservation.

Bon voyage!

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