Top 5 most disgusting things I've seen on the streets of San Francisco

floss stick

1. Those dental floss picks. Who is flossing their teeth on the streets?! I see them everywhere.
2. Condoms. This is almost too easy to have in the top five. So, how about the time I saw a woman have a bowel movement on Gough Street? Yeah, human excrement. That's better than condoms.
3. Random globs of phlegm. Carry a tissue or swallow it. I don't care which, but don't make me step in your mucous. Seriously, this grosses me out more than just about anything.
4. The remnants of the burst balloon that some little monster threw at me from his or her window once. This was disgusting for another reason and was the moment I became truly anti-children.
5. Bloody junkie tissues probably take the cake, though.

Happy Tuesday! Don't forget to look down as your walking!


Nubian said…
There are days where I think of moving to Singapore. After reading your post I think today would be one of them.

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