Mystery Sandwich Wrap, or New York Don't Kill Me Now

New Fancy Food on Broadway may have a lot of selections, but they don't exactly have fidelity to their labeling. Picture me standing at the sandwich wrap case carefully reading the labels. Then imagine me trying to reconcile what I can see with my own eyes with the description. Buffalo chicken wrap. Really? I don't see chicken. And some ingredients are scratched out, including the chicken. I think it was a veggie wrap. I thought I'd play it safe and get turkey. I'm 99 44/100ths percent sure that there is another form of meat in this wrap besides turkey. Salami? Pepperoni? Spicy coppa? And the mystery condiment may have a blue cheese tang, but I wouldn't bet my soul on it.

So, wish my tummy luck. It may need it. Let my epitaph read "He was starving!"


Mind Of Mine said…
You will get a lot of 'Ugh, how could you eat that' comments.

But everyone would have done the same thing, anyone that says they wouldn't. Is a liar.
Unknown said…
here's hoping you're fine after!
toddx said…
Shockingly, I survived. I guess my tapeworm liked the wrap.
What's New York gotta do with it?
toddx said…
I was in New York when I purchased and consumed the wrap. And I think the city is always trying to kill me. Some people think I'm paranoid. Everyone else just talks about it behind my back.
Tyler said…
I love the food looks Yummy.

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