That's Ms. Bionic Woman to you

I always thought the bionic ear was a little lame compared to the Six Million Dollar Man's bionic eye. But, other than that, Lindsey rocked. RIP.

UPDATE: I may have been exaggerating about the RIP. When I see black and white photos of people, I just tend to assume they're dead.


She's gone to a better place, a place without fembots.
Dixie said…
Where did you hear she died?
Sarah said…
I have seen nothing of this...
You should have left her as dead, now the fembots know.
Someone call Oscar Goldman.
Anonymous said…
You almost gave me a heart attack! I love her and miss her sleep number mattress commercials!

She's been busy lately and looking good on both Alphas and Warehouse 13 as a semi regular.

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