Vote for whomever you want because we're doomed: Global Climate Change

Rolling Stone recently published an article called "Global Warming's Terrifying New Math." It's long. Probably so long you won't read it all. But, you should.

You see, we're doomed. It's too late. We're on an ineluctable collision course with our own destruction thanks to corporate greed and human apathy.

Fun stuff, huh? But, you should still read it. Look into the mirror of this article and see the world we've created. That is, see the world we're about to destroy.

I live on the coast (the West Coast, the best coast) and I'd prefer not to have to swim to work, take a canoe to the grocery store, or float to my neighborhood cafe. Nevertheless, the waters will rise. If I'm lucky, I'll be dead before the impact is devastating. Luckily, I have no children that I've burdened with this albatross called Earth. Yes, I'm lucky.

Some of you aren't, though. Yet, we all continue down the path. More cars, bigger cars, more wars for oil, less corporate regulation. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, read the article. Sure, you'll doubt the claims, question the math, assume science will find a deus ex machina to save the day. Or, it may rattle your cage just enough. Just enough to walk instead of drive. To take a train instead of drive. To write your representatives in Washington DC and demand some action. Or, like me, to hunker down and plan our retirement on a hill somewhere so we can watch the rising tide.

Depressingly yours, Todd X.


Anonymous said…
I read that article while watching Jakey Poo in The Day After Tomorrow. That was like reading a ghost story in an old house by candle light.
Thanks. Makes me glad that as a gay man, not only don't have have kids or grandkids to worry about, with my "shortened" life expectancy, I won't be alive to suffer through it. I've always said I want to be where the bomb hits not miles away.
toddx said…
Agreed, Sean. Let me die in that first nuclear flash.

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