Diacetyl: Not your grandma's butter -- Butter flavoring may trigger Alzheimer's disease


Here's something to put in the "We're Doomed" file. I'm not a fan of popcorn, but this paragraph concerns me:

Diacetyl, already linked to lung damage in people who work in microwave popcorn factories, is also used to produce the distinctive buttery flavor and aroma of margarines, snack foods, candy, baked goods, pet foods, and even some chardonnays.

Um, Chardonnays? CHARDONNAYS?!! They're messing with the wine! Ok, who am I kidding? I rarely drink Chards and I surely don't drink ones with fake butter flavoring. But, for those of you buying your cheap wine at Wal-Mart, take note: that Two Buck Chuck is killing you.

Seriously, stop eating chemicals if you can, drink Pinot Noir, and unplug your microwave oven. Just sit back and sip while the world melts. And don't worry about being depressed by all this. Chances are something else will give you Alzheimer's, so you will have forgotten about all this by then.



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