Riding an elevator--with a child

toddx: (feeling the need to engage the mother who is trying to keep her monster from pressing all the elevator buttons) How old is...he? Two?

Mother: No, he's 15 months.

toddx: So young!
(steps off elevator)

toddx: (internal monologue) Don't talk to those people again until they start measuring age in years like normal people. And, next time, wait for the Adults Only elevator. Where's my cocktail? (grumble) Kids! (grumble)


Let me guess what happened next. You stumbled out of the elevator in a boozy haze and fell down some stairs to Ikea's "returns" department.
toddx said…
Wait, IKEA has a bar?!
Their lingonberry juice is 80 proof, you didn't know that? That's why you fall asleep on the couches of the living room displays.
Unknown said…
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