Friday Night Dinner at Renee's

Dinner with Beth and Renee
Renee and Yasu left today for Hilton Head. It's Renee's mom's 60th birthday, so the family is gathering to relax and celebrate. Before departing, though, we decided to get together for a little dinner--just me, Beth and Renee. Before I got there, Renee and Beth ordered Thai food from Ozone (I think) which you see above.

The curry was very yummy. The tofu dish was pretty bland, so we all added sauce from the curry to it. Better. I had a taste of the beef, and it was okay. Renee said the pork was fatty.

Add to this one bottle of wine that we tried to like but just didn't. So, Renee opened a Bonny Doon 2004 Mourvedre. Much better. And check out this kick-ass label:

DEWN Mourvedre

So, we ate, drank, listened to music, and chatted. Then, Beth had to go because she was tired. Soon, though, R stopped by and then Yasu came home. After about 15 minutes or so, we parted ways so Renee and Yasu could hit the hay and be ready for their 6 AM-ish flight. It was already after 1 AM.

I hope you guys had a good flight!!


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