Saturday Morning

Death Pigeon!
I may be spending too much time in South Park. After having dinner at Renee's last night, I went back to R's place because he needed to be there in the morning to meet his cleaning lady. Ah, his first foray into the world of hired help. So, after she arrived, we left, went to the Bagel Barn, and walked over to South Park for a few minutes to watch the Death Pigeons eye us with disdain--or hunger.

R was his usual hyperactive morning self, jogging around the park, bagel in hand, taking swigs of my orange juice as he passed, lap after lap. Or, we just sat on the bench and surveyed the remains of last night's Giants game.

Who knew the fans would or could find their way into South Park? I assumed they all got on Bart or into their SUVs and headed back to Oakland or Daly City as quickly as they could.

Was I wrong. Oh, those B&T Giants fans! They really know how to have a party. And leave their crap all over the city. That's quite a Budweiser bottle, though. I hadn't ever seen one before.
Giants Budweiser

After all that, we continued our journey up to his work, and I slipped down into the Muni tunnel and caught the train home. Stopping, of course, to get a healthy apple fritter for breakfast at my local shop, Homeless Donuts.

I hope everyone has a great day. I still have laundry to do. Kill me.


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