Lunch in South Park

What a gorgeous day! Yes, it was a little breezy at times, but the sun is shining and it's warm (and only going to get warmer over the next week--it should be a nice Fourth of July!!). Anyway, this was a day to eat outdoors. So, Renee and I went to Caffe Centro and had sandwiches for lunch and sat in the park watching the homeless and the pigeons frolic in the sun.

It was Friday and we have summer hours on Fridays, so we could have (should have) left early, but we were taking it easy and decided to go have a late lunch. So, after three up-and-down trips in the elevator (we were having a little issue getting the thing to let us off on the ground floor), we headed over to South Park and got a couple sandwiches.
South Park
Renee in South Park Ham & Cheese
We sat on the grass, enjoyed the sun, munched on our sandwiches and drank Diet Coke. All in all, a relaxing lunch--even though I carelessly tossed our aluminum cans into the regular trash. I'm such a bad recycler. :(


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