Fighting an early case of influenza

Yes, it's true. I'm sick. I went for a checkup about 1 1/2 weeks ago, and I probably caught it there. Just when I was rejoicing over my clean bill of health, I started getting a headache and bodyache. Great. Just what I needed. I had a fever yesterday and the night before. Today I feel a little better: I think the fever broke. But, my headache (3 days now) is still there and it's still painful to move around.

So, my advice to you all: break out the SARS face masks and get your flu shot this year.


Anonymous said…
Hokey Smoke Bullwinkle! Feel better soon! :)
Darling Todd, I'm going through the same thing but my headache comes and goes, it started with my sinuses which is always a sign that I'm about to some down with something. I hope you feel better soon, I'd get on my broom and fly down to nurse you but honey I'm in no condition!

As for the flu shot ... Back in the early to mid 70's when they first started giving them my mama made an appointment for the both of us to get one, three days before we where to go one of her girlfriends died from a reaction to flu shot, needless to say mama cancelled our appointment and since then I've never had one. I also haven't set foot inside a Dr's office since 1978 but that's another story.
toddx said…
That's horrible, Magnolia. Both that you're sick and about your mom's friend. I do hope, however, that we've made a few medical advances since the Seventies. I understand your reticence, though. Like I said, I'm pretty sure I caught this AT the doctor's office. Seems somehow counterintuitive.

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